Wounded Soldiers Entertained

1917 Caldergrove front door wm

WW1 Caldergrove Hospital

Let’s never forget the kindness shown by Blantyre people to the war wounded. A wonderful concert for wounded WW1 soldiers took place at the Co-op Hall in Blantyre on Saturday 10th March 1917.

As war raged on in Europe and a Russian Revolution was underway, Mr Moller, the General Manager of Lanarkshire Trams put on a special tramcar to convey the soldiers from their doorstep at Caldergrove House, right along Glasgow Road to the Co-op Hall stop at the corner of Herbertson Street.

The Cooperative Women’s Guild (Blantyre Branch) entertained seventy wounded soldiers from Gateside and Caldergrove Hospitals that evening. Mrs Lamomi, Guild president, in a few words, welcomed the young men as they sat down to tea.

A splendid programme then commenced, in which the following took part:—Misses Soular, Mrs Hunter; Mr Smythe, elocutionist of Larkhall; Misses Soular, Meikle, and Houston (who delighted the audience with their graceful dancing): Miss Porter, pianist; and Mr Higgison, violinist.

The guests were then given a cinema entertainment, followed with whist, hat-trimming, and nail-driving competitions, with prizes. A second tea was provided, and the young men each received a box of fifty cigarettes and the nurses boxes of chocolates. At the call of the Sergeant, the men gave three ringing cheers to the Guild members who had provided them with such an enjoyable afternoon.

Great credit was reflected in the members of the Guild Committee who organised the entertainment.  Pictured are the wounded soldiers and nurses of Caldergrove House that year. All very well turned out!

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