Honoured for War Services

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In March 1917,  local lady from Blantyre was awarded the Royal Red Cross Decoration.

Margaret, M. Houston, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Houston. Nancevale Cottage picked up the distinguished award (Nancevale is now 162 Auchinraith Road).

Sister Houston was trained in nursing in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and later served for three years in Westminster Nursing Home. On the outbreak of war she joined the Red Cross Society, and for some time had been on duty at Tidmouth Military Hospital. Sister Houston later was ordered to proceed to India.

Are you related to this brave line of the Houston family in Blantyre?

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Caroline McDougall Not related but a fantastic piece of Blantyre history.
Mary Gemmell Sutherland Val Houston?
Ann Hunter Bell Kayleigh Houston any relation?x
Kayleigh Houston Ann Hunter Bell oooh ye never know I’ll need to ask xx
Val Houston Don’t think I’m related in anyway. Funny though that mum and dad stay in auchinraith road too. Will need to ask them about this. Xx
Archie Peat I went to Calder Street School in the 50s with Hugh Houston and Martha Houston
Archie Peat PS. I think they lived in Rossendale
Gord Fotheringham Archie Peat rosendale was a real place to grow us up in….we used to pass it on our way back from springwells…oor mither dragged us there to play cards…no t.v.s in my early days….mourn innes hoose or the cummiskis….all family…have no idea where anyone is today….joined the merchant navy….cousin snowy rouse went to the army…we were like brothers….that was i think 56….
Angela Eikebu Looks like she is wearing QAIMNS uniform ?

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