1982 Stonefield Park

1982 Stonefield Park c

From 1982, showing the completed soft and hard landscaping at Stonefield Public Park. New brick planters with shrubs and trees, this was a first, making the view from Glasgow Road green! A far cry from the tenements from only a few years before. The concrete slabs and bricks was never very pretty, although i quite liked the wooden vertical logs, more sympathetically natural.

Of course, all this never lasted. A complete revamp in the 1990s saw this whole area change again with the current granite and marble effect landscaping. Almost 4 decades on, some of the trees that were originally planted, really are quite large now, particularly beautiful in Spring when cherry blossoms come out.

1982 Stonefield Park d

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Sime As a kid I loved that area. Running around between all the brick planters. Looking beyond this was an area in the park that had loads of wee paths you could run around. It had black wooden posts that went up over your head with plants etc growing up and over. Felt like a wee maze as a kid. Although this landscaping wasnt amazing, a lot of effort went into creating and maintaining it. Now its all just a massive piece of open grass. No imagination and little effort and money invested in it.
Blantyre Project lots more pictures of the park coming.

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