Crossbasket Nursery, 2014

2014 Timoneys and M Kinnen

An extract from “The History of Crossbasket Castle” by Paul Veverka (c) 2015

As well as renovating Crossbasket Castle, the Timoneys were also responsible for building a successful, state of the art children’s nursery in Crossbasket grounds, near the entrance, opposite from the Lodge house.

First turf was cut in Summer 2013 and construction took exactly a year. Although Crossbasket Nursery doors unofficially opened in August 2014, it wasn’t officially opened until Wednesday 29th October 2014. With an unveiling ceremony, drinks and nibbles, I was thrilled to have received an invite (and also prompting an early finish from work!) Steve and Alison gave a splendid speech about all the hard work that had gone in to making their vision come alive. Their passion for the venture was apparent and it was clear how proud they were in Crossbasket Nursery being able to offer local children the best possible start in life.

Mitchell Kinnen of local ‘Bright Lights Theatre’ had the pleasure of being guest of honour and opened the building, unveiling the plaque, which will bear his name permanently. Two Charities, Yorkhill and Mary’s Meals also gave their thanks to the owners for their fundraising which will see Crossbasket permanently support these two wonderful charities on a long term basis. Parents, grandparents, suppliers and invited guests were invited to view the nursery without any disruption to the children’s normal routine. The building really is remarkable with every single feature having the children’s welfare and security at the forefront. At the time of opening, the grass had grown around the building, which now looks finished with no trace in that location of any further building work. Indeed the grounds around it look fantastic and a wonderful place for organised walks and picnics for the kids.

2014 Crossbasket Nursery

2014 June. Crossbasket Nursery being constructed

The location is simply stunning offering peaceful and idyllic views over to nearby Crossbasket Castle and the beautiful woodlands and gardens nearby. It will certainly be somewhere children can enjoy both in and around this building. What was apparent is what thought and effort has gone into the needs of the children themselves. For example, some of the windows are only 2 foot off the ground, allowing children to look out and of course the building is subdivided into areas for babies, older children and all with their security in the building and out in the garden, at the forefront of the design. The nursery caters for children from 8 weeks old right up to 5 years at schooling age.

The day after this opening, I started writing this book, with my own child attending the new nursery.

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