1982 Asda Carpark

1982 Asda

I know a few people liked the previous photos of old cars parked in Asda, so here’s a couple more photos from 1982. The scene does look very familiar still, although the store logos have changed. I think I preferred seeing trees and green landscaped areas in the carpark back then. The grey, concrete and tarmac look of the carpark would certainly have looked very different today had those trees been allowed to grow.

The store was relatively new when these were taken. Amazing that simple photos from 37 years ago can suddenly now become more interesting looking back at all the change and styles.

Photos Courtesy: G Hay

1982 Asdab

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Elizabeth Grieve Does anyone know what is going on with the car park just now? It’s like a building site and a complete mess
JJ Young Great pictures. Looking back at all those old cars brings back memories
Robert Hay Can remember this car park too well, when my dad instead of driving out the proper way, tried to drive over the raised kerb dividers and ripped off the exhaust pipe

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