Stonefield Public Park, 1980

1982 July Stonefield Park

A former pedestrian shortcut in the far end of Stonefield Public Park through to Station Road. Farm Road is in the distance. This land to the left and middle was used to build modern houses. Woodburn Avenue off towards the right.

I’d love to know when the modern detached houses were built.

(I’m sorry, I don’t know who the random elderly man is carrying a new shower!)

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Catherine Docherty Can mind wee corner shop at the end of path and the flats above must have been 40 odd yr ago
Jean Gibson Catherine Docherty we lived in that building when we were first married 50 years ago. I think they were demolished in the late 70’s. We had our own back and front door but outside toilet which was shared.
Liane Guthrie Jean Gibson we lived in that building, my Munn n dad moved in in 72 n we moved out fair Friday 76 I was 9 months old x
Arlene Campbell Lyne Carroll Rae question for you
Lyne Carroll Rae Arlene Campbell I think we moved into the new house 1984 x
Arlene McWilliam Green I was just going to tag You too Lynn. I remember in 1982 going to the park that way and I was sure McLaughlins building was still there at that point? X
Arlene Campbell I remember this access
Ann Durie My cousin lived in the tenement building with the wee shop on the corner. He relocated to Maree Way when that scheme was built on the site of the old prefabs.
Sadie Dolan Remember it well wee shop was on the corner at woodburn Avenue.
Lesley Keith I remember this before the houses were built. Defo built in the 80s. There were four houses built from memory
Colin Duffy Remember it well walking through nearly every day going school and work
John Cornfield Nichlolsons was the name of the shop remember the tenement well I think it was 1980 the building was demolished
Laurie Allan Crothers I had a Saturday job in the wee corner shop when I was 14.
Michelle Hutcheson Meechan My parents home when they got married my two sisters and I lived in the tenements moved when I was 4. I still remember the outside toilet
Iain Mcmillan 1979 we were rehoused from the tenament building that was there and the new houses went up in its place probably the early 1980,s we lived in 120 station road and I remember see Mrs Fraser who used to work in the shop along with jenn y McKnight i also remember the outside loo
Liane Guthrie Iain Mcmillan we were 126
Carole B Buchan Think the building was called McLaughlins building and the shop was owend by a Mr Leith in the 60’s

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