1954 Blantyre Railway

This railway photos is allegedly Blantyre during March 1954. I have to admit I’m struggling a little with identifying it against the background topography.

There’s a viaduct in the background left that can only be Greenhall or Craighead, which may be helpful. I would lean more towards Craighead. Any ideas where this is?

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Alistair Morrow Looks like the Powmillion viaducts on the outskirts of Strathaven. There were two viaducts one for each track and the line went to High Blantyre via Glassford and Quarter. The train is heading for Strathaven Central
Blantyre Project Thanks Alistair – glad it still has a little Blantyre connection!
Henry Hambley I agree with Alistair Morrow
Russell Boyd Is it not springwell. Not that im old enough to remember but cos of the 2 bridges it could be
Matthew Neil High blantyre at bottom of the bray auchentiber ran through to hillhouse MacDonald had scrap yard at bottom right
Jim Brankin Maybe heading up to high blantyre before all the bridges and lines were removed.

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