The Infant in the Parcel

A sad tale next.
My history colleague Robert Stewart recently messaged me reminding me that he had discovered 11 unknown persons interred in Blantyre Cemetery. Whilst doing some more cemetery research, Robert came across an interment of an unknown baby. He told me, “The entry in the records reads:-  Newly born male child – found in River Clyde. Interment date 21/5/1938, lair A1367.”
What a shame. I wanted to know more and poured through some newspapers eventually finding more details. The Scotsman on Wed 18th May 1938 reported:
A Blantyre unemployed miner, when taking a walk beside the River Clyde last night (Tue 17th May) near the Craighead railway viaduct over the River between Blantyre and Bothwell saw something floating downstream, and thought he observed a small hand above the water. Thinking it must be a doll, he needed to make sure. He waded out a few yards and recovered a parcel tied with string which contained the deceased body of a newlyborn male child.”
We’ll never really know what happened. However, if he was found at Craighead coming from upstream, he perhaps was originally a Bothwell, Bothwellhaugh, Motherwell or Hamilton baby.
Rest in Peace little one.
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Fran Mcdermott Walters That is so heartbreaking! Be nice to get a name and proper wee burial for the angel xxx
Elaine Baillie That is heartbreaking for the baby n poor soul who resorted to such measures .SO SO SAD

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