1982 Sports Centre

Going back now to 1982 to Glasgow Road and the Sports Centre looks almost brand new, its clean brickwork matching the cleanliness of the opposing new shopping centre. This must have felt very futuristic. (Anybody leaving Blantyre just 3 years earlier, would not recognise this scene at all if coming back in 1982!)

1982 13th July Sports Centre

The photos were taken on 13th July 1982, one showing the sports centre from John Street clearly showing that the final soft landscaping had just been done. The scene is still familiar though the cars looks dated.

The other photo looks up to Clydeview Shopping Centre. The furnishings shop at the corner and RBOS visible. However, even just 2 years after opening there were a few warning signs about Clydeview Shopping Centre. We have to ask why there were many unlet units, boarded up even in 1982!?

1982 13th July Sports Centre1

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marie Kelly Rent expensive
Frances Mitchell Cars except that lovely wee SAAB look dated. It will always look fabulous
Catherine Whitefield Looks so clean then. Asda outside of shop is a mess now . The roof needs all cleaned up an the front something done to it
Marié Rodwell I worked in the cafe and bar in the sports centre
Linda Halpin I worked in the office
Kenneth Faulds I lived in Blantyre then I don’t remember it. Plus I don’t see the SAAB?
Lance Ravine It was a shame don’t think that all the shops were ever occupied

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