Little Miss Veverka


This came up recently on my timeline. It’s not Blantyre but actually Douglas, South Lanarkshire. The occasion, 2 years ago was Agatha Christie filming in the village of Douglas and with family there, Annalily, my then 5 year old beautiful daughter decided to try for a walk on part!

We dressed her in 1950’s style which admittedly fitted very well with the dressed shopfronts and vehicles on the film set. White ribbons in her hair, knitted cardigan and summer blue dress, we were only “let down” by the fact we couldn’t find leather Clarkes shoes. Instead, Annalily wore her trainers!

Now 7, little Miss Veverka is a wee Blantyre lass through and through. She loves writing and reading, attempting her own books, very interested in history, curious about the past and despite not being pushed whatsover, seems intent on following her daddy’s footsteps!


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