Blantyre Nursery Photos

Here’s a few more photos from the nursery in High Blantyre. Shared here by Cath McInally. I’m not sure of the dates but know these are all Blantyre kids.

Do YOU recognise yourself, friends or family?

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Pedro Coh Ashley McTier is that Jodie in the middle photo, front row, red jumper ?
Ashley McTier Pedro Coh lol 😂I’d imagine the pics are older than tht! 🤣think Thts the nursery at the cemetery too, no it’s no her lol xx
Gord Fotheringham Those poor children will never know the joy of black and white photies
Emma Cargill My nephew Andrew Mcnab in the first photo bottom right. He’s 32 now
Carrie Tonner Janice Morrison wonder wer ours was we wer like twins lol xx
Kristina McKean Martha McFall do you recognise the kids in the pictures, of course you do Cathy and Dorothy! K x


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  1. Hadn’t seen that photo for years I am in the middle of the 3rd photo must have been about 4 years old 1991 I think a simpler time😀

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