Anthony Small

Here’s a brave, Blantyre man with a story!

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The Military policeman sitting at the back, behind the driver is Anthony Small. He lived in the old tenement building on the corner of Douglas Street and Main Street, High Blantyre.

Anthony enlisted in the Royal Artillery at the outbreak of war and was later transferred to the military Police, namely 244 HQ Company.

During WW2 D-day landing, he stormed on shore with the Canadian troops on Juno beach at H hour + 20 minutes (second wave) at Bernieres Sur Mer. After the Battle of Normandy he was involved in the taking of Antwerp and eventually crossed the Rhine with the 52 Lowland division.

He survived the war and went on to a career in the Transport Police and eventually became the truant officer for south Lanarkshire until his retirement.

With thanks to George Hay for this fascinating insight into Mr Small’s life.

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