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What a difference 100 years makes!

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This is Station Road at the junction of Rosebank Avenue. A rather built up scene 100 years ago most notably with triple storey tenements and shops at Ulva Place with tenement homes stretching right down Station Road.

The distinctive round former gatehouse, one of two in the foreground. This was the starting location of the gated Blantyre Works Village. Beyond it is the Village shop and Village Bar. Today, the scene looks like this. Improved?

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stewart Willis Nope. The character and history of the missing buildings is a great loss to the look and feel of the town. Not just in the village but all over Blantyre.
Nicola Jenny My mum stayed in the round house.
Lilian Breslin Nicola Jenny I was born in it
Anne Mackie prefer the old look x
Catherine Heng I was born in the prefabs at the bottom of Station Rd in 1945, thats why I like the older picture just how I remember it
Anne Irvine Took all the character away. Lovely buildings gone
Jane Scobbie Personally I prefer the old Village look. All they’ve done to modernise it, it they’ve taken away all the amazing buildings that gave it its character
Robert Holmes I lived in Ulva place until a storm damaged the building we were all sent to the new estate I ended up in Traquair Wynd just off of Burnbrae Road the people I can remember in the building was the Paterson’s and Fairleys
Anne Chapman Robert Holmes that was me too. I was about 6
Elaine Petriat My parents lived there too until the storm. They got re-housed in etterick wynd. Their neigbour at the time was also re-housed in etterick wynd and they still live next door to each other. McQuade and Cunningham x
Wendy Wilson My Grandpa lived at No 4 Ulva Placea 1915. Would that be in the flats?
Blantyre Project im pretty sure that address would be in the tenements pictured.
Irene Dickman Wendy Wilson my dad lived in Ulva place. He was born there in 1919. It was the tenement, first floor. The window faces up station road .
Moyra Lindsay Blantyre Project correct Paul we were in the only lose on Station Road 148. I think we
William MacDonald Blantyre has lost all its character with the demolition of all the old building.. it looks more like a newish town.. we only have a handful of old building left..
were three Ulva place, we always used the 148 option. Don was born at 4 Ulva Place.
Stephen Kelly Think that was the last time that building was painted
Carole Mackie Rickard My grandad Mackie was born at 1 Ulva Place in 1917. My Mum was born almost directly across the road at 89 Station Road in 1939.
David Baillie I stayed across the road with my Auntie Annie and uncle John Mckeen.until I was two years old.That was back on the 1960s
Maria Pedersen My mum was born and raised in the road opposite that 8 Knightswood Terrace. Looked a lot nicer back then.
Edith Steele Ah !remember it well ,loved the Birrly bus that took me down to Ulva place to visit Thomson and Halliday family my brother and sister ,but they were blown away in the gales of the 60s
Karen Paterson Simpkins My Mum and Dad lived in Ulva Place
Elizabeth Knowles What happened to the gatehouse, it was of historical value, walked past it everytime we went down to Livingstone Memorial when I was young in the 40’s always a talking point.
Gail Gillon Love the older picture, that gatehouse is so distinctive and unusual. Wish it was still there..
Moyra Lindsay However in Ulva Place there was such a slope my dad said we had to have our soup in two sittings!
Moyra Lindsay Husband born in Ulva as was his dad. Don 1944 his dad Andrew 1910
Paul Burns My mum was born and brought up in Ulva Place, before the family moved to number 10 Devondale
Josie Mcquade This brings back a lot of. Memmores for me as I was right at the top of the building
Arlene McWilliam Green My mum lived in Ulva Place, Margaret Macfarlane with her mum and dad, Donald and Winnie, and brother Donald. This was in the 1940s and early 50s they moved to Farm Road. Lots of great stories about the people and community of the village in those days!

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  1. Hello Carole Mackie Rickard, we are probably related as my Grand father, Richard Mackie, was addressed at 1 Ulva Place when he was married in 1919. How amazing, how inadvertently this web site puts us together? I am delighted to meet you!

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