1975 High Blantyre Primary

John Watt shared this photo of Primary 7, taken at High Blantyre Primary in 1975. . I’m told that the teacher was Mrs Lithgow. These kids would likely be around 55 years old now. Recognise anybody?

1975 High Blantyre Primary School

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Hazel Aitken This was the year above me and shockingly i only recognise jillian donaldson & tracy smith.
Lynn Delaneywas this not your class hx
Lynn Delaney Hazel Aitken no this was the other P7 class xxxx
Kenny Macfarlane Recognise a few of them,I was top dead centre,was John watt top row two along to right as you look at photo
Irene Stuart This is my sisters year recognise a good load of these face Valerie grey (Kennedy), , Lynn Forrest , andy Collins, jack mcintosh …..
Kenny Macfarlane Back row from left,maybe Alan Wilson,Ian Guy,John Marshall,Alex Neeson,Me,Gordon Abbott,John Watt,Alister McKenzie,Stephen Hutchison,
Middle row,don’t knowfirst one,Alan Grieve,Jack McIntosh,Andy Collins,maybe Christopher Henderson,don’t remember rest of row, Third row,maybe Elaine Russell,Lynn forrest,Valerie Kennedy,next don’t know,Gillian Donaldson,Tracy Smith,Lesley Young,maybe Annette Ralston,Marion Shaw,last one unsure, Front row,William MacFarlane,Brian Hutchison,Todd Mitchell,any I’ve missed I apologise it was awhile ago and memory not what it was,lol
John Watt The ones that Kenny couldn’t get..
Angela Varga, Nancy Hardie, Willie Murdoch, Davy Whitelock, Gordon Dickson, Marjorie Cairns. Elizabeth McDougall, Corrine Duncan

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