2009 and 2010 Crossbasket Vacant

A further extract from my book, “The History of Crossbasket Castle” by Paul Veverka (c) 2015

2009Local planners brought the derelict Crossbasket House to the attention of Council on 20thAugust. The property had recently been vacated. Planning permission had been approved for conversion to flats, along with the stable block and a new build nursery in the grounds but no work ever commenced. A member of the public had contacted South Lanarkshire Council, concerned that the vacant building was, due to its location, vulnerable to vandalism. The Castle remained unsold. The planning permission allowed for 10 premier residences, 7 stable-block type units, a detached house and nursery school.

South Lanarkshire Council had approved the planning in December 2007 despite 84 local objections. An earlier plan in 2005 had been withdrawn with even more objections. The price was falling. It was now up for sale for £1.25m offering 16,555 square foot of accommodation.

2010 – External inspection by Historic Scotland found the Castle in reasonable condition but now vacant. However, the deteriorating condition of the inside of the building meant that the Castle was now to be moved to “Buildings At Risk.” Throughout 2010, the Castle remained unsold. 

Sometime in 2010, vandals and thieves stole the lead from the roof of the Castle, prompting an almost continuous flow of rainwater into the building. Laying empty for a couple of years, unheated and with a leaking roof, the water not only cascaded down the stairwells, but rotten upper floors, damaged walls and ceilings and invited dampness. Mould, fungus and rising damp adorned walls in the corridors and rooms, rampantly growing in those cold and wet conditions. (pictured) 

In half a Millennium, this was likely Crossbasket Castle’s most sorrowful year in its history.

It was also absolutely critical this historic, listed building would need rescued soon, and fast before it was too late!

2007 mould

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