Remembering Mr John Lennon

1980 Mr John Lennon

Mr John Lennon was a former Blantyre miner. He lived in the Coatshill area of Blantyre and as a young man played the flute in the Blantyre Shamrock Flute Band (it disbanded in 1938).

Johns passion for music never left him. In 1962, he joined St Patrick’s Flute Band in Hamilton and was an active member right up until 1980.

Born in Blantyre in 1907, John worked as a miner for much of his life, although had to resign before retirement age due to ill health, shortly before the demise of Blantyre pits. John died in winter 1980, aged 73, his funeral took place at St Joseph’s Church on Glasgow Road. He was survived by a son and two daughters.

Mary Mcougall, Johns wife is pictured


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John Cunning Stayed at 19 carlowrie save Blantyre I stayed at 13 carlowrie he would play the flute on hi door step remember him well and his son Jim who I know
Steven Miller Hi Paul, this is my Grandfather. I didn’t know too much about him as he died when I was 11.I stayed in his house on Carlowrie Avenue before moving to High Blantyre in 1972. I remember his flute being in a cupboard but sadly never heard him play .
Mary McGaulley John lived across from me I lived in 30 Carlowrie he was best friends with my father in law Pat McGaulley he was quite the comedian and a very nice man
Louise Lennon GBNF
John Cunning Mary are you taking about old pat who stayed in morven then moved to the corner house across from David livingstons or you Margaret’s mum who moved abroad roseanns pal
John Cunning If I am right I was talking to pat in the priory bar with Mick Meechan he was here for the Scottish cup final great day
John Cunning Mum and dad stayed there since I was born great street from the hoods cranes. Duffy cain Taylor Robertson akiten horne but never forget the legend snowy Watson what a man loved that guy with his canarys and his capstan full strength god rest them Mary Walter snowy
Stewart Willis This is my wifes (Jane Willis) grandfather. My wife was 7 years old when he passed away so she only has vague memories of him. Very nice to see this on the page. Suzie SmithErin Willis Stewart Willis your great grandad. If any of you are out and about near Granda Jimmy drop in and show him this. If not we will when we get back our holidays.
Jane Willis This is my grandfather, my dad is his son James Lennon aka jimmy. I was only 7 when he died so don’t have much memory of him but my dad has some great stories to tell .
Elizabeth McCreedy Jane me and Sammy were, at the funeral. Was taken to your grandfather’s by tour mym many times. Your dad resembles him xx
John Cunning Jane your right I’ve know Jim for years great guy
John Cunning My mum and dad stayed there dad lived there till his death at the age of 93 not bad true gent
John Cunning Stewart remember getting his paper in the morning and getting mr Aiktens 10 woodbine not a bad memory
Mary Dawson I remember Mr Lennon from my youth. And my cousin Jane is married to his son Jimmy. Also his daughter Patricia is married to my cousin Billy. Lovely to see this photo
Caroline McDougall This is my great uncle John. He married my grans sister Mary McDougall on 30th April 1932
Mary Dawson My dads family the McDade’s were very friendly with Hughie Lennon. Was he Jimmys uncle? He was best friends with My uncle George McDade from the USA.
Brenda Murphy Great story and comments miss Blantyre came to Australia 1973

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