1979 The Billboards

1979 GLasgow Road corner Stonefield

Who remembers the billboards at the bottom of Stonefield Road? Premium advertising space at the traffic lights on a busy junction.

Behind, Fisher’s (Ironmongery) Yard was cleared when the other buildings were demolished around 1980. The yard was fenced off and a gravel path was constructed on the small triangular plot of land offering a bench to sit on and a few shrubs cordoned off by some modern red 2 foot high, red tubular railings. A tiny little park no less at that busy junction with good advertising space on the billboards on Valerio’s Stonefield Road gable. Perhaps you remember the cigarette vending machines?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Linda Halpin St Joseph’s on the left x
Joseph Allan Used the seats all-night in the summer bakers shop across the road
Liz Jack Round the corner Paton hairdresser Hugh’s photo shop
Sally Jamieson I remember!
Lee Budinauckas I remember the billboards saying that it was a quarter of a mile to the new Asda! I thought that was so far away!
Matilda Fulston The bakers shop was owned by a lady called Ella Scobbie she was a good friend of my mother’s she was Bobby Shearer the rangers players mother in law
John Dunsmore Yip. Matilda. Fulston , Mrs. Ella. Scobbie
Archie Arbuckle I am loving this walk thro my childhood, my youth and my young adulthood. . Thank.you.
Bryan Deazeley Ha! I remember that wee dookit well. We used to go into Mickey’s Cafe for a quarter of sweet peanuts or Chelsea Whoppers and sit on the bench on the wee path through it.  They were not unlike the picture attached, but we’re nowhere near as clean – they were covered in cigarette burns and the red ash path they sat on had a load of old style ring pulls – remember breaking them in two and firing them like mini frisbees? 😁 That wasn’t all there was to play with there, I’m sure the thorny shrubs included Rosehip bushes with cracking itchy coos for putting down each other’s backs! It really was a simpler time for kids.

Moyra Lindsay MR Fisher made railings for us in 1971 he was a character!
Liz Boxall Cigarette Machine and I think there was a milk machine too
Jane Scobbie I remember these so well. Just below my mams bakery shop and Micky’s
Mary Dawson Remember the ciggie machine well

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