Fountain at Craigneith

With some of the heritage at risk in the Calderwood Glen area in recent months, it’s important as ever to be aware of what was once there.

Pictured here in the early 20th Century is the Oval Pool fountain at Calderwood Glen. The pool was on the Blantyre side of the gorge (down the hill from the bend in the road t Calderside) and fed via a sluice gate and channel.

This pool was a popular destination in the late 19th and early 20th Century for walkers and visitors to the area, set in the beautiful woodland with well kept paths, timber trellis fences and summer seats. Today, an impression into the ground remains in that spot, but no water.

Trees grow from where the pool once stood and the location is in danger of being completely overgrown

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Anne Mackie anything that was lovely and nice to see Wiped out I think we ought to start some kind of “club ” of like minded people willing to put a bit of time into making Blantyre Beautiful again
Chris Ladds Keep in mind there is ‘Bonnie Blantyre’ and I head the Calderglen Heritage Society. There is also Friends of the Calder for down the road.
Janet Cochrane The pool was still there when I was young but no fountain
Marian Maguire Yes Anne Mackie your quite right, all that was lovely has been lost and the council just dump anything on Blantyre.
Chris Ladds Thankfully he will not be allowed to touch the gorge at all due to the law. The woodland down there is not a borderline vague case like the fields, and if the anticipated fines are anything to go by then it’s in the firm safe category. Also has tree removal national level protection due to the anti erosion stipulations for the geological SSSI.

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