1878 Craighead House

1878 Craighead Entrance

Pictured here in 1878 by Thomas Annan is an incredible photo of the former Craighead House, just off Whistleberry Road. At the time it was owned by George Alston.

We’re looking at the front entrance of the house and can see a chair outside and several boot scraper irons. Wooden shutters on all the tall windows and a well kept garden with topiary trees.

George Alston Senior died on 7thJanuary 1884 and is buried at Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Duncan I was brought up in the coachman’s cottage on the estate – by that time the house was owned by Jesuits and every June they had a garden fete. My favourite jesuit was Brother Riley – I used to swing from his big sleeves. The tenant farmer was James Barratt.
Brendan O’neill My mum worked in the house in the eighties when brother pridgoen was in charge
Gord Fotheringham We used to be allowed there in the summer….five a side fitbaw…..
Nuala Fitzgibbon My grand uncle Fr. Thomas Frawley was moved to Blantyre in the 1870s first priest there after 400 years began building a church, explosion in the mine both communities got together to help the victims. Afterwards he finished the building, he got stressed and was advised to go to a warm country : Australia he died there of TB and is buried in Inglewood, Victoria. Growing up never heard of this until a cousin of my father mentioned this, he was 31 years and dead 20 years before my father was born
Jessie Caldow Awesome photo, incredible detail !
Chris Ladds All the images in the work Paul are before 1868 as it took two years before the publishing deal came about from idea to fruition. The first edition was 1870 and the second edition, most of which were a cheaper print run containing no plates was 1878.

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