David Robertson, 1980

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In 1980, this young Blantyre lad, David Robertson was only 18 years old but had already won himself a place in the elite of Britain’s Armed Forces, The Commandos.

The former Blantyre High pupil had just completed a much harder regime of “schooling” at the Royal Marine Training Centre in Devon. He was instructed in the operation of military equipment including helicopters and raiding craft. As pictured, his military training also saw him learn how to use weapons.

David’s interests given to reporters at the time, were also water polo and shinty.

Do you know David? Did he pursue a career in the military?

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Andy Paterson Knew the Robertson family very well. Davie, I believe went to the Falklands war
Hugh Lennon Tonner Stayed in the first house in coatshill ave next to Glasgow rd.
George Crighton Remember his return from the Falklands was friends with his brother Robert at the time
Jim McDougall A credit to Blantyre and your country , well done David Robertson
Maureen Mccallum Grew up with David and his brothers Ian and Robert .They lived in Coatshill Ave with their Mum and Dad Belle and Bob .David moved South if I remember correctly .My mum and his mum were best friends and started their nursing career together many years ago
John Cunning Knew David well also rober and Ian there gran and grandad stayed at nine carlowrie ave next to our family if I remember right his grandad was called lackie Robertson those were the days brilliant street
Caroline Rundell Sure he stayed at top of my street coatshill avenue x
Michael Connor I stayed on carlowarie ave and joined the marines in 99. There’s alot of military from tyre
Marion Jones I went to school with his brother Ian ,lovely family hung about coatshill all my childhood x

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