Anderson Shelters

The black and white photo is little baby Elizabeth Weaver and her Auntie Betty beside their ‘Anderson’ air raid shelter in the back garden. The photo is from the late 1940s, and Anderson Shelters had given way by then to become useful garden huts.

Elizabeth said, “It used to warm up in the summer and give off a nice heat.”


Us Veverka’s had an Anderson shelter too. Skip forward to 1971 and baby Paul Veverka with my mother at our own ‘Shelter’. It had received a nice coat of paint by then but was used to store all the garden equipment. (I was forever getting a row for climbing on this in the 70s, as the rivets were actually very sharp with jaggy metal. Not great for sliding down!)

Who else had an Anderson Shelter hut then?


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Karen Menzies We had one in welsh drive in the 70 s !i was only a toddler at the time and my mum has a pic of me standing on top of it ! X
Alan Dorricott I had an Anderson shelter at my house when I stayed in Welsh Drive around 20 years back. It was full of coal when I moved in as the previous owner was a retired miner and had not long received a large delivery of coal before he passed away. I had to pull it down though as rust had taken its toll on it. Not bad going though being 50 odd years old!
Margaret McCluskey Nancy McFadden
Andy Lynch Am i remembering eight in saying this is where granda chopped kindling.
Julie Smith My great gran & papa’s house on Broompark Road had one
Davy Thomson A few of them were still in springwells in the 80,s too
Annette McMahon Cambridge My gran and grandpa had one in Livingston crescent
Robert McLeod-Wolohan we had 1 when we lived in victoria street, just like u paul it was used for everything including the coal for the fire lol
Alan Robert Webb My Grandfather Robert Howieson had one in his garden 50 Morris Crescent, it was still there when he died in 1977.
Michael Connolly We had them at Oaklea Crescent in 90s
Maureen Friery Moran We had one in Morven Avenue. It was still there last time I was there in 1998 but I don’t know whether or not the new tenants kept it.
Gillian Cooper Aw Maureen Friery Moran they took it away, it’s strange tho I was only thinking of that yesterday. I was in the garden last nite and I was sitting where it once stood. Gxxxx
Violet Elder We had one behind our house in Morris Crescent.
Yvonne Houghton Thomas Currie, dad do you mind nana Daly had 1 birdsfield drive
Gord Fotheringham My mother had the contract to remove them….she had a crew who did this….she also scrubbed the floors of new houses….so did i….


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