1922 Auchinraith School

Here’s a great photo of Auchinrath School, taken around 1921 or 1922. At almost 100 years old, there’s some unhappy wee faces in this picture.


Like for example, little John Scott, third in from the left on the front row. Brian Weaver sums this up perfectly when he wrote, “This photo removes our rose -tinted spectacles and shows us the poverty that existed then. These children had no access to medicine, few had bathrooms, many would have had no running water. Their fathers had intermittent work, their mothers had large families and no security in their houses. None of these children would have been vaccinated so polio, diphtheria, measles and TB would have been regular visitors to this class, and few of the children would have reached adulthood unaffected. We have come a long way”

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Drew Fisher Great picture and write up from Brian. I wonder if a 1950s or early 60s picture would have looked quite different.
Mary Kane Indeed great photo and write up Brian. My research into my family tree reveals some children dying as infants. We’ve come a long way thank goodness.
Marion Anderson Fabulous picture, I went there in the mid 50’s
Betty McLean love seeing these old photos a reminder of how life was so different with so little material things and a lo less food. No fancy restaurants in Blantyre in those day.
Stephen Watson Poor kids. Looking at their faces tells the story
Margaret Giffen Marion Craig recognise anyone?
Marian Maguire Yes very true, but lots of Bonny wee faces, some with ribbons, their mothers trying to do their best. Some not so clean, but I hope they had happy lives
Henry Hambley Great picture. Difficult to realise that I went to Auchinraith Primary School just 35 years after this picture was taken. A major economic recession and World War II came in that period. I agree with Drew Fisher that it would be interesting to compare a similar photograph taken in the 1950 when “we never had it so good” !

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