1987 Snowy Expressway

Winter 1987. Particularly bad for snow. Cars had to be dug out the East Kilbride Expressway. Here, the AA battles to keep things moving.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jamie Simpson A was out delivering milk that day the only one.
Nicola Bence I remember this. My brother was in hospital and missed it all
CarolAnn Connor I remember that!! Couldn’t go to school! It was great!
Isabel Angela I remember this ! It was waist height at the roads edge and my mum picked us up from school early
Karen Menzies Isabel Angela and trying to dig our way out of the street !
Scott Cameron Isabel Angela I remember my dad sending me to school to be sent back an hour later
Ann Boyd I remember this I was working in the bakers and customers were only allowed 2 Doz rolls per customer the que was non stop as the bread and milk delivery’s couldn’t get to the shops
Carole Mackie Rickard I remember being off school and my Dad having to hire a JCB to dig out our street!
Blain McManus Carole Mackie Rickard , I was born in January 87, my mum and dad told me that they struggled to get home from the hospital with me and didn’t have any visitors for weeks. My dad had to abandon his car down Stonefield road and hoof it to the house.
Carole Mackie Rickard Blain McManus I remember you being born in the middle of it all. Crikey, I’m old! Nb I was only 15.
Rab Mccarrol Got half way to college that morning and turned back lol
Billy Strachan When the big Safeway lorry got stuck under the flyover at Douglas Street in High Blantyre & had its contents liberated that night.
Jean McIntosh Remember it well after getting caught in snow I was in tears trying to drive home and it had just started
Joan Anderson Remember it well. Our cul-de-sac neighbours all got out and shovelled the snow so we could get moving
Lesley Bethel Remember it well!!
Edith Bulloch Remember it well.they ploughed the roads and blocked the pavements couldn’t get over the hill of snow to go out.
Karen Leonard That’s my car, ( Volkswagen Derby) I got stuck on the slip road from Blantyre to East Kilbride, on way home from work. 3 days later the AA came out with a Glasgow Herald reporter who was following a day in the life of an AA man.
Karen Leonard Cheryl Mitchell that’s my car , I had to walk to your aunt Jannette as I couldn’t get home and your papa cams got me when roads were cleared
Ashley Hubbard It was my fifth birthday in the January and I can remember this winter lol 
Sylvia Mclaughlin Remember a neighbor m myself made big pot soup went round the elderly with soup n 

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