1985 Whistleberry Roundabout

Here’s 2 photos from 1985 showing a relatively new expressway bridge going over Glasgow Road. This is Glasgow Road at the Whistleberry Roundabout at Springwells. What’s really noticeable is the lack of vegetation by comparison to today. Trees have sprung up either side of the Expressway and sliproads, almost completely masking the road.

1985 Off Whistleberry Rd

This is the current LIDL and B&M site on the right.

1985 Glasgow Road roundabout

What can you tell me about this vacant ground during the 80s?

Screenshot 2019-07-02 at 09.38.42

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Davy Thomson There was a company called mcleod and Miller there,, my ex bro in law worked there
Elizabeth Grieve The old dog track used to be there in the early 70’s
Stephen Hasson Used to play up the “Bing” when I lived in Springwell.YST
Gary Doonin My father owned a bit of the land and was eventually paid the money 11 years after it was compulsory purchased in 1982 . Other bit of land was operated by a company company McLeod Miller . And about 93 94 RJ McLeod did preparatory works for the new development carried out by an Edinburgh investment firm who were also involved in another development up at Avon in wellhall road
Blantyre Project I vaguely recall that Gary. Thanks. In 93 and 94, RJ McLeod was my Employer and i remember feeling annoyed that i was assigned to a far off construction project up north when one was happening right on my doorstep. I forgot about this.
Gary Doonin Yeah RJ were doing a few projects in the area in that period Whirlies by pass , Blantyre Tech Park , stewartfield by pass as it was called at time

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