1985 Clydeview Shopping Centre

1985 Asda

Going back to 1985 in this photo, which I hope you’ve not seen previously. Pictured thirty four years ago, it is of course the Clydeview Shopping Centre. How infinitely better it looked with trees , shrubs and flowers in the planters, rather than the disgrace of those being empty for over 2 decades!

And busy too! People out shopping, perhaps chatting about what new shops were opening or what was missing from the ‘old days’.

Such potential in this photo. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if things had progressed differently. What if ASDA had permitted local small businesses to open on realistic rents, perhaps with cafe or outside sitting areas in summer? Twinkly lights through the trees, free wifi, with units for soft play, youth centres or cafes.

The left hand side is now all gone. Perhaps you know some of the faces in this photo? Can you remember the left hand side shops of this mid 80s era?

Photo Courtesy: G Hay.

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