1983 Asda Carpark

Let’s go back 36 years now to 1983. These photos show the relatively new ASDA superstore alongside the carpark.

1983 Asda1

Who remembers the old blue and orange ASDA sign? The store looks new in these photos, clean slates and brickwork and the whiteness of the upper windows on the former Clydeview Shopping Centre (East).

I was surprised to see planting between the parking bays and certainly more trees than there are today. The cars may be dated  but the scene is still familiar.

The history of ASDA opening in Blantyre is covered in my book, “Glasgow Road South: The Real Story”, available on Amazon.

1983 Asda

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stiofan Gallcobair I remember the old one.
James Sime I remember the signage.
Elaine Speirs Does anyone remember there was a check in place for message trolleys and they gave you a ticket to get it back?
Grace Yull I have a picture of the day Asda opened such a great day for Blantyre put us on the map maybe the changes will help creat a more pleasant place to shop nothin wrong with staff just management
Lynn Delaney I worked there when it 1st opened
Alex Macmillan I remember it! me n ma mum used to walk to Asda every Saturday morning from kelvin gardens then taxi home brings back memories
Elizabeth O’Brien I got lost in it when it opened. Was too busy looking at the Smurfs album and lost my parents
Colin Duffy Yes I seen it every day for 5 years
Catherine Whitefield Looks cleaner back then
Anne Irvine Remember the inside kind of haha. They also had lockers to keep your shopping in. More pleasant to look at then. Now……
Joan Mackenzie I worked when it was first opened. Different now though.
Marian Maguire I worked in the wines and spirits
Philip Pohler Asda used to be good for car accessories etc. The filling station was always the cheapest in the area. But it was an absolute nightmare at Christmas time Queues out the door
Graham Elder I loved that original logo. And who remembers that Asda is short for Associated Dairies?
Rose Paterson I use to work on cash and the petrol bar
Anne Simpson Was there a petrol station there when it first Opened?
Catherine Kenny I remember this going for the shopping

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