1948 Stonefield Public Park

1948 Blantyre Park

1948. World War 2 had ended a few years previous and people were full of hope for an emerging, better future. Rationing still continued but it didn’t stop new parents enjoying the simple things in life, like taking their wee ones to the public park on a sunny day.

Baby Elizabeth Weaver is pictured here in 1948 in a well kept public park. The former boating pond looks in immaculate condition. You can see the houses of Woodburn Avenue in the background left. Do you have memories of playing near the boating pond?

Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Moyra Lindsay I walked past it every day going home from school, also fractured my arm just to the left of this picture at a coop gala day!
Margaret McCluskey I kove the councils catch phrase here is
‘Healthy parks, healthy people’. What mother with kiddies doesnt love a trip to a nice park on a sunny day, a lovely cheap day out.
Andy Lynch Margaret McCluskey for some reason I was never in the high blantyre public park much can just about remember the paddling pool. In contrast to amount if time spent in the public park boating and putting.
Emily Rorke Andy Lynch, yes – we avoided High Blantyre park cause we were told we’d get chased n battered cause we were fae Low Blantyre!
Catherine Whitefield Park was lovely then . Not now it’s a mess
Anthony Smith I learned to swim in that boating pond.Well actually,my chest was scraping on the bottom all the time.
Claire Conner Lovely picture! My memories of the boating pond are not so lovely as it was full of glass. I remember a group of boys all coming out crying with cut feet. It was such a shame and a complete disgrace it got that bad
Margaret Mary OSullivan Another lovely photo! Yes, I have memories of this area in the fifties. There were steps that lead down to it. I spent lots of time walking “sedately “ down them, pretending I was a fairytale princess and the park and the pond were the grounds of my castle
Mary Kane Great photo. Love the pram
Higgins Martin Great photo from great bygone times….. but that pram wouldn’t last nowadays
John Dunsmore Yip. Anthony. Smith same goes for me full of leeches too
Sadie Dolan Great Childhood Memories in this park
Thomas Barrett That’s where the putting green was
Stiofan Gallcobair I recall playing there as a kid in the 70s. I loved going in those boat rides.
James Quigley Am sure the hoose ye can c was either Andy downie or alec dobbins who can say
Karen Nicoll Great Memories of this Park, played pitch and putt with my Grandpa Millar who lived at 24 Park Lane, remember watching Punch and Judy in the park , going on the boats, playing in the paddling pool and loved the swings at both the bottom and top ends of the park.
Helen Mc Gowan Munday Fabulous park back in the day! Remember the Parkies chasing us out to close & lock the gates at night. Memories
Linda Halpin Me too great memories of pitch and putt x
Henry Hambley Great picture. The pram reminds me of mine. We used to use the park as a short cut to the station. It gave you an early warning of the approach of the train!
Joseph Allan Remember punch and Judah shows and the boats pitch and put good days
Tom Loggie Memories going back to the forties and fifties,there was a flower display commemorating the Festival of Britain opposite the pond.We had a great park in those days,during the forties the area from Station Road up past the old man’s rest to the Haistie’s Farm gate was all vegetable allotments and then into the fifties they became flower displays,what a sad difference the park is today, long live the memories of the old Stonefield Park.

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  1. Oh my goodness, doesn’t the pond look great as does baby and mum, we have some photos very similar taken in the park I will send on gorgeous photo Elizabeth thanks so much for sharing.. Linda

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