1982 The Hoolets Nest


Who remembers “The Coffin” in the Hoolets Nest pub? Archie Simm shared this commenting, “We used to meet “Furra 5 a cloak session” after we had been to respective fitba’ games, be it Castle Park, Ibrox or Parkhead on Saturdays. I think I took this pic when I was back for the VIcs cup final in 1982. Unbelievable patter! Even more unbelievable stories. Treasured times with cherished people.

L to R standing are Alex Balneaves, Jim O’Neil and Robert Conroy. Sitting L to R are Stewart Kennedy, Jim Conroy and Jimmy Boyle.

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John Cunning I knew yous all used to have a pint there with my father in law big pat McGowan
James Rouse Hi John Cunning. Served big Pat many times. Great patter.
John Cunning Hi James was that the time Margo and her husband had the pub
Violet Elder My Dad, Harry McDade, was a pal of Alex Balneaves. They used to go and watch the Vics every Saturday.
Jimbo McSkimming Jimmy B was some man
John Cunning I am sure there was a harry Mc dade played for vics and married jean watson my next door neighbour
Jiae Jiae Grampa’s drinking den!
Stevie Mclean Marie Farrell Conroy, cracking foto to show hugh Patrick hh
Andrew Little Caroline Lee – Jimmy at the Hoolets
John Cunning James rouse are you joes dad that stayed at strathmore and now stays at Glasgow rd
Gina Connachan Some dodgy hairdos ! Great photo of Jim and Robert conroy and Jim O’Neil
Tom McGuigan The Conroys are second cousins of mine, my grannie was Mary Conroy.
Leanne Farquhar My dad John Jackson was a faithful member of the Saturday night crew in the hoolets, catching up with all his buddies in the picture, loved and misses all of them who are no longer with us xx
Miller Armstrong The Coffin was a sacred place , it was only a select few who could enter the area ………………..memories
Margaret Cosh It certainly is a great photo,I remember those days with affection.Thanks so much,Fraser.xxx
Anne Berg Irene Stuart…your dad hasn’t changed a bit! Well, maybe the hair! xx
Dawn McCallum Some fond memories of all of the guys in the photo who are no longer with us. Stewart Kennedy what a great photo
Gordon Gemmell Played dominoes every Friday night in the coffin 👍John Cunning Miller Armstrong you stayed in lint law we stayed in carlowrie Henry and dan are my brothers
Andy Callaghan Had my first legal pint in here with my dad. Know all the guys in the photograph. My brother Gerry and I were regulars in the coffin on a Friday night for the dominoes. The pub at that time was run by Peter and Margo Macdonald.
Bob Fisher A bit before this photo I delivered papers there (early sixties). That was near the end of my run then the nursery, Howies??, the last was Dr Cassidy
Brian Deazeley Remember it well and Peter McDonald’s pipe. It had a bowl the size of a dustbin and filled with War Horse pipe tobacco he bought from the cooperative. Many happy memories.
Neil McGaulley Jimmy Boyle, sadly missed. Gentleman
Helen Kellachan-Halsall My uncle Jim O’Neil in the back xx
Anthony McCluskey Drew Burnett  But weird to think that there’s a good chance both of our dads are standing just out of shot!
Patricia McGregor Just thinkn that myself Anthony

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  1. HI John Cunning. Joe us my older brother and yes we did stay in Strathmore Ave before moving to Glasgow Road May 1983.

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