Remembering Jenny Bowie Duncan (7)

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That awful moment, when I accidentally stumbled upon the 1917 death of a young local girl, then realising she was a family member.

Jenny Bowie Duncan was only 7 when she passed away on 28th June 1917 at Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow. She was a much loved daughter of the Duncans, my great grandparents. Living at ‘Enterkin’ on Broompark Road, Jenny was brought back to Blantyre and buried at High Blantyre Cemetery.

I remember little Jenny here, although i don’t have picture of her. The death clearly affected my family, for photos start appearing often following her death, especially of remaining children. In 1919, this is her brother (my grandpa John Duncan) and her sisters Chrissie and Margaret. Never marrying, the sisters lived together in their family house until the 1990s.

1919 The Duncans

1919 1919. My great aunt Margaret is the little toddler, in front of my Great Aunt Chrissie and my grandfather at the back. This was photographed in the back garden of “Enterkin” a sandstone house which still stands in Broompark Road next to the park

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Margaret Mary OSullivan So sad but lovely that you have remembered this wee girl who was “dearly loved.”
Margaret Duncan Even after all this time this is still very sad and it must have been devastating for her family

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  1. My Aunt married a John Duncan they lived it 4 Calderside Auchintibber any relationship

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