Lady Park

Lady Park‘ was the former name of upper fields belonging to Greenhall Estate adjacent to Greenhall Farm.

In May 1917, Alexander Marshall Junior (14) of School Lane was caught deliberately setting fire to 8 yards of hedge at Lady Park. He pled guilty in court. He was caught red handed by an approaching police officer who had seen the smoke. When confronted by the shocked officer, the youth hung his head in shame when asked, “Boy, is this how you serve your country whilst men are fighting war? By burning Farmer’s hedges?”

The location was stated as Lady Park, the description given as being on the High Blantyre to East Kilbride Road. The name may have given way in the late 1920’s to become the ‘Lady Nancy’, a name more commonly known today or alternatively, give the description, may have been the field next to Hamilton Road, where now Greenhall View (House) and Farm Shop stands.

The name “Lady Park” seems to have vanished from Blantyre’s modern history.

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