Remembering Elizabeth Burns (5)

A sad accident took place in Blantyre on the afternoon of Saturday 14th July 1917.

Elizabeth Burns, aged 5 and a half, daughter of Edward Burns stayed with her Aunt, Mrs Dorrington at 201 Glasgow Road.

The little girl had been crossing the Glasgow Road behind the Number 4 tram car (pictured a decade earlier) just opposite her home, and failed to observe the approaching motor in the other direction. The driver saw the girl and blew his horn, but the girl unfortunately ran on and was knocked down, and suffered some severe injuries. Glasgow Road came to a standstill, the tram only moving off when it realised it had played no part in the accident. Little Elizabeth was carried into the nearby chemist shop of Mr Rodger, and Dr. Grant, who was in the vicinity, attended her most promptly, but she had died immediately.

Later, the verdict was accident. The horn had been heard by passers by and the driver’s attempts to slow down had been witnessed. As such, the police did not consider the driver in any way to blame.

We remember Elizabeth Burns here. Rest in Peace little one.

1905 Glasgow road & tram

1905 Glasgow Road and the Number 4 tram


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