Cochrane Chapel Detail

Seen here for the first time online, an exclusive close up look at some of the detail on the former Cochrane Chapel building. These photos are from between 110-120 years ago, whilst the chapel sat in isolation in the Calderglen fields, long before any homes or woodland.

Beautifully carved stone lintols, with decorated figureheads are above the door and stained glass windows. The large wooden door, impressive entrance (this is the door which I have the key for!). Ivy grows on the chapel walls, indicating, despite the newness of the stonework and pointing, it is likely later than the 1884 building date. The extract of a larger photo I believe dates from the 1910s.

On the side of the chapel is the memorial plaque to Pelham. This plaque was still on the chapel ruins even in 1989, but was subsequently removed upon the chapel’s demolition. Today the plaque lies on the woodland floor, rather undignified but importantly marking the position of where the chapel once was.

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