James Hastie & Co

Who remembers James Hasties? Located at the bottom of Stonefield Road, this advert dates from Winter 1978.

What can you tell me about this business and does anybody know the year it stopped?

Thanks to Marion Brownlie (via Alex Rochead) for this advert, taken from the former “Blantyre Advertiser”.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Janey Murray They’re meringues were great
Catherine McLachlan There was also a Hasties in Burnbank many years ago x
James Sime They moved to the shop that is now the undertakers next to Frosty Joes on Glasgow Road, when the Stonefield Road shop was demolished. It was still there until about 10 years ago or so. They had branches in Halfway and Cambuslang also.
Adam Bush Went bust just after 2012 sadly… 20 jobs lost shame.
Mairi-Louise McAleenan My mum worked in Hasties for many years before she retired. My sister and i also worked for them briefly in Cambuslang.
Marie Rooney Great rolls!
Elaine Cavanagh The best doughnuts
Cullen Shaw As a treat, I loved their fern cakes
Caroline Rundell Best rolls in blantyre
Max Sneddon Caroline Rundell can’t argue with that
John Daly Caroline Rundell Oh, But I can. That award went to Little’s then subsequently to “Oor Wullie’s “.
Joyce Hamilton James Sime your knowledge astonishes me!! Well done
Joyce Hamilton Agree the rolls were good but my favourites were Littles
Helen Grieve Best doughnuts ever. Before we had one in Blantyre my aunt from cambuslang brought them to me.
Jan Ritchie They used to sell the most amazing ‘tipsy’ cakes. I loved them and miss them.
Liz Hunter Oh yes. Hasties rolls were the best. Seem to remember the darker they were, the tastier they were. We lived in halfway.
Jim Ritchie My mum worked in it when it opened for about 4 or 5 years
Elaine Speirs Best iced doughnuts in the world. Had to be eaten the day they were made as they were the real thing. How i wish i could have one.
Alex Forrest Black’s bakery was the best specially straight from the oven @ 5.30 in the morning
Ewen Mcintyre I work in the factory in cambuslang 2003 to 2008
Marion Brownlie My friend May Willis worked in Blantyre shop about 40 year ago .Hastie took over Scobbi (bakers)
Michelle Evans I do, oh yes. Was always a “proper treat” being taken there to pick out a cake.
Michelle Evans Now, here’s a question – why on earth can’t any English bakers make a decent crispy morning roll. When they make rolls if they’re crispy there hard as hell to chew through. But a good Scottish morning roll, well fired, and crispy – to die for. I’d happily have my last meal as just a wee roll n jam
Robert Henderson Best rolls
Robert Stewart Here we go again about who baked the best rolls. Gilbert’s on Stonefield Road rolls were second to none. There date buns, Chelsea buns and cream cookies were superb. What choice we had back then, three bakeries at the bottom of Stonefield Road plus four or five on the Glasgow Road. Who occupied 7 Stonefield Road before Hastie?
Patrick Fotheringham Everyone loved their Rolls
My Father would get up at 6am and bring them home nice and Hot
Andy Callaghan We always had Hasties sultana and cherry buns at Christmas. And they did make doughnuts to dream about.Mind you, we always bought Blacks well fired rolls.
Mary Kirkbride Andy Callaghan me being the oldest had to be up early on a saterday to get the well fired rolls then would have sausages in them ive lived in england 45 years now cant get a decent square sausage anywhere.
Andy Callaghan …or a decent roll Mary.
Andy Callaghan Does anybody remember Jap cakes from Lightbodys? Best cakes ever. I still dream about them. We used to have them for a treat after our tea on Saturday nights.
Gord Fotheringham can still taste them now.
Patrick Fotheringham I just wish we could get them here
Gail Chalmers I had a wee Saturday job there when at school for a few months
Ean Brown Sorry folks Littles Bakery for me. I was a paperboy at Pates and used to go round to the bakery which would now be in the Stonefield park. What character I used to get the rolls straight from the ovens
Ian Paterson There pies were the best
Sandy Wilkie In the early 50’s, we temporarily operated the dairy from their old premises in the shop and bakery unit on Glasgow Rd, Burnbank with access to the yard from Glenlee St, when Bellsfield & Birdsfield were being demolished and before we moved into Bardykes and had the new dairy and milking Byre set up.
Carole B Buchan My Mums cousin had Gilberts ,and I remember Blacks Abernathy biscuits and Eddie Collin’s hot rolls.Yum!
Anne Boaden My Dad was the maintenance man there for quite a few years. Not quite sure of the time frame though. Maybe 1955 to 1963.




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