Burleigh Church Demolition

Hopefully this is another brand new , previously unseen photo for you all! It’s been kindly shared by a local lady Helen via Blantyre Heritage Group over to Blantyre Project and remarkably shows the demolition of the former Burleigh Church on Glasgow Road.

As with many churches in Blantyre in the 1970, mysterious fires set their fate. In 1973, the mission hall (Sunday School) at Herbertson Street (the building picture with exposed roof trusses) burned down and was unsalvageable. A year later in January 1974, the Burleigh Church in front of it burned down also. The beautiful mosaics from Cochrane’s Chapel that had been in the church since 1925 were thankfully salvaged, cleaned up and taken to Hamilton Town Hall, where they still are today. The windows of the church were allegedly saved also and moved to Ayrshire.

The ruined buildings were demolished in 1978 marking the start of much demolition in Glasgow Road.

It’s a wonderful photo and I’m sure will evoke some nostalgia. What different times those were. No safety fences. Demolition contractors clearly on site at the same time as kids playing and people walking on the pavements.

Putting this site into context, that big pile of rubble would not be the entrance stairway up to Gavin Watson Printers….the mission hall, the printers staff carpark.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Joan Anderson Both my sister and I were christened in this church and Granpa was the Session Clerk.
Sheena Thomson Stayed across the road from this church
Stewart Hay I remember the fire, i lived on elm street

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