The Blantyre Carvings Video

The Blantyre carvings depict three Stations of the Cross on a cliff face overlooking the River Clyde, below the site of the former Blantyre Priory, and across the river from the remains of Bothwell Castle.

A number of myths have been presented regarding their origin, some even claiming they were carved by monks during medieval times.

However the carvings were actually made by a local man, Tommy Hawkins, beginning in the mid-1950s. Tommy Hawkins was both a very artistic and a very shy person. He only worked on the carvings late at night or early in the morning, assisted only by a small miner’s lamp.

Music credit: Third Tune for Archbishop Parker by Thomas Tallis and performed by Paul Hillier and Theatre of Voices.

Video created and shared to Blantyre Project by Dr Peter Gordon.

Borrowed words: Julian Barnes

1956 Tommy Hawkins carving at Blantyre. High Resolution copy courtesy Blantyre Project

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