More Glasgow Road North

A further photo of the north side of Glasgow Road, again from around 2000.

Almost 2 decades ago, the scene is still familiar, though some of the names have changed! What’s your memories of these shops?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Sime Only thing still there is the chippy, although that has changed hands too. Funny how much things change in a relatively short time.
Ann Durie When I was a child a long time ago, I remember :-Vince’s fish n chippy.
Agnes Hamilton’s greengrocers. Mauchline’s newsagents.  Think I remember a wet fish shop too.
Janey Murray Norrie Douglas was the fish shop
Linda Ritchie Janey Murray I remember buying bags of broken biscuits at the fish shop as a kid lol
Lynn Kelly Norrie Douglas fish shop was along the road next to Martha the poles shoe shop x
Gord Fotheringham A long time ago we never said chippy…..chip Shoap……too hard to say in todays lingo.
Liz Jack Remember Fish shop and grocery shop on corner owned by same family
Janey Murray The corner shop was a wee grocers.
Liz Jack Janey Murray it was Gallaghers
Mark Mckeown Mark Rocks. Remember good old stepek
Catherine McClenaghan Used to work in stepek
Andy Lynch I remember buying Airfix kits from Mauchlines in th 60’s. My mum bought her tv’s from Stepek from this shop and before that at their shop on corner of John St and Glasgow Road
Evelyn Sowerby My mum used to work in the paper shop when it was known as Mauchlins.
Jean Orr Claire Mcdade – remember you worked the fish shop?? X
Marion Anderson A long,long time ago in a place far,far away..I remember an ironmunger ..and a wee newsagent that sold paints,coloured pencils and tiny baby dolls with different coloured suits on that I bought with my pocket money.
Sylvia Mclaughlin Marion Anderson scraps
Marion Anderson Sylvia Mclaughlin yes! I forgot about them..they sold all sorts of wonderful stuff.
Ray Couston In the year 2000, I was getting my Pokemon cards, mix ups, light-up Yo-Yos and Panini football stickers from Mauchline’s.
Brendan O’neill Ann durie my wee mum worked in Hamilton’s greengrocers
Ann Durie Brendan O’neill , so did Margaret Hamilton, Agnes’s daughter and Cecil Willis – Margaret’s husband
Brendan O’neill CES used to take me home from school on Thursday if I was out on time they were the good days
Brendan O’neill Gallagher’s was there before stepeks. It was a great wee shop you could find anything in the shop
Jim McDougall I bought my first record player in Stepek’s in 1960
Marian Maguire Yes remember Gallaghers when I came to Blantyre in 1977 also Mauchlines, Aulds etc.
Bernadette Watt My auntie Helen worked in Gallagher’s They had another shop at the opposite end too
John Wood Anyone remember the fruit and veg shop?
Gord Fotheringham Lombardi,s fish and chips….Bert..
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i remember stepeks, i used to buy goods from there lol and the chippy got many a supper from there, i remember them.all really lol
Robert McLeod-Wolohan who remembers templetons ? it used to be where the old rent office was.
Lynn Kelly Robert McLeod-Wolohan I worked in Templeton when I was 16 x
Rosie Law Norries shop as well
Paula Ballinger I remember Templton’s. It had tiles made out of lots of tiny coloured square tiles and steps down to it- I think. I was very young though. 1970s.
Linda Halpin Remember Norrie Douglas mum would go in for her fish every Friday x
Linda Halpin Mauchlins Newsagent x
Debbi Evans My mum worked in hasties the bakers
Heather Sneddon Two decades ago 😳 my childhoods getting further and further away.
Claire Conner Walking up to the public park to play and getting a bag of chips to eat on the way home
Gemma Watson A million memories for me as i lived just round the corner. Taking jeggies back to mauchlins and getting stick on earings and a spice girls picture. Would love to go swimming and then get a bag chips on the way home for less than 80p. And i would love when wee went into hasties for a treat, the ladies were always very nice in there. Margaret Watson remember?
Robert Nicoll I went to mary devines for fish,hasties for rolls ,mauchlins for a paper,lombardies for a fish supper,of ellen kelly who i remember really well lovely lady.
Lindsey Grieve Marlyn Grieve is that the fish shop you passed out in 😂🙈 & remember stepek I forgot that was there xx
William Robson I remember Stepeks, the chip shop the newsagents and the rest
Stuart Wright Bet you got a suite oota stepeks Willie
Mag Fullerton Used to be stepek at corner….mauchlines newsagent and hamiltons fruit shop Used to be there
Angela Whyte Stepek!! Weekly rentals of the tv and the washing machine. #memories
Amelia Kane Mauchlines for sweeties before school at the joes😍
Margaret Mary OSullivan Martin Smith : Do you remember your Dad used to design advertisement signs for Stepek’s with drawings and lettering in black ink? They were so good. He was such a talented man – between that and his wonderful poetry.
Sionainn Ceallacháin 75p for a large bag of chips Adele Murray
Jo Houston My gran stayed just down from these shops and I used to buy sweets from the paper shop

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