1988 High Blantyre Primary

A school photo next, from High Blantyre Primary. The year is 1988. Do you recognise anybody?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Bobby Hunter 2nd row from the back last one RH/s
Kerry Tremble Kevan Mrs Wishart, great teacher, had her in P5
Lainy Muirhead Tracy McMillan is that u in front seating row
John Mcclenaghan Billy Strachan and David harris as wel
Anna Clark my Thomas Clark second left on floor
Pauline Milligan Nicola Stewart , second back row , look at John paul lol x
Claire Mcdade Lorna Hart-Thomson is Tracy in this pic? I’m scared to ask in case I’m wrong
Kimberley Campbell Lorna Findlay Perrie is this grant and his friend Burnsy
Isabel Angela Nicola Jenny. That’s your sister Lindsey isn’t it ????
Kenny Mac Second front row 3d from right: Jennifer MacIntyre !
Robert McMillan David Harris check it out young blood!
Emma-Louise Hay Elizabeth I’d know that smile anywhere! Antony, isn’t she cute?!
Ashley Rafferty Pauline Bell is that you in this?
Catriona Paterson Marion Chatham is this your William or Peter in this ? Middle row left at the end.
Catriona Paterson Teacher is mrs Wishart
Marion Chatham Catriona Paterson yes that’s my Peter aged 9. Xx
Catriona Paterson Was not sure what one it was but knew it was one of them, Wee cutie. X
Sam Hill Would you believe everyone will be joining Club 40 this year? 🤣
Elaine Mcguigan A know loads in that pic never even went tae that school Haha xx

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