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Jane Wright who lives in Melbourne, Australia has a rather fascinating Blantyre heirloom. An ivory walking stick, once owned by “J Jackson Esq, Barnhill, Blantyre.”

Jane messaged me, “My Grandmother was named Janet Manson nee Jackson. Born in Scotland, she came to live in Australia, eventually moving into a nursing home at New Farm in Brisbane. “

“She lived out the last few years of her life there, passing away at the age of 92 years. Following her death, she left a walking stick to my mother Valerie Manson who kept the keep sake in memory of her mother. On Val’s passing she handed me the walking stick and I have had it ever since. “

“The cane is of malak cane and has an ivory wolfhounds head on the handle. The head is attached to the cane via an ornate silver clasp with the inscription inside a silver shield “J Jackson esq, Barnhill, Blantyre and a number 7 at the end. I’ve traced the records which suggest that the original owner was from Blantyre and my grandmother Janet Jackson was his daughter. I have sent some pictures of the cane and its inscriptions. As a side note, the case faintly has ‘esq’ marked on and a number which looks like either 77 or 17.”

Now I DID find a Janet Jackson , daughter of John Jackson, but being born in 1744, this particular Janet was way before this story. Another Janet Jackson was born in 1876 in my own house at Croftfoot and she may be a good candidate for this article. I believe the cane was passed down from generation to generation, possibly even earlier than Janet’s father. The name John Jackson of Barnhill comes up in late 18th and early 19th Century Blantyre history. If this is HIS cane, it could be at least a couple of hundred years old!

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Margaret Mary OSullivan Wow
Marie Behn My Great Grandfather also John Jackson, son of William Jackson. With a plethora of John Jackson fathers sons and brothers. All from about Lanarkshire. Most had a daughter Janet. Gotta love the Scottish naming pattern. Some of our Jackson’s went on to Australia, perhaps some relationship.
Danielle Hay-West That is gorgeous. I would keep it forever

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  1. Hi Paul. Possibly related to or same person as the ploughing medals pics I sent some years ago. I am related to John Jackson Barnhill so you could maybe pass on my details to the Australian lady.
    Eric Flack

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