Auchentibber Gardens

Exclusively seen for the first time online, this rare, clear photo shows the very beginning of the former Auchentibber Italian Gardens. In this remarkable photo, the stone can be seen in the background being quarried from the small quarry to the rear.

The stone was used by the miners and residents of the area to form steps, balustrades and ornamental arches, almost all of which are now gone. This photo likely dates from 1906 or 1907 as it was known the gardens had been formed by 1908.

The photo was taken by David Ritchie approximately 112 years ago. In the background several small properties can be seen along Parkneuk Road, just beyond where the War Memorial is today (on same side). This was Peesweep, a former 19th Century Inn which became homes.

This was the spirit of Blantyre’s community at its finest! Volunteers, working hard in their spare time (most likely after a full shift in the pit!) to the benefit of all to enjoy.

This whole scene is unrecognisable today, now all a very fast growing woodland.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Dunsmore Just a pity it’s all gone class workmanship.
Blantyre Project instantly one of my favourite Blantyre photos.
Jean Boyd Blantyre Project me too it’s lovely.
Carole Mackie Rickard It’s stunning, if only it had been preserved
Ann Higgins Crossar Wish we could re-create it as a public park
Jean Boyd It looked amazing, shame it’s gone, but glad it has been preserved in lots of photos, as part of our Blantyre of yesteryear.
Elsie Chalmers Beautiful, and built by the community. 
What a shame it was not appreciated to be preserved.
David Neil Chalmers Is any of it still in situ:
Jeanette Allardyce Ward It’s sad that things like this are all gone x
Jessie Caldow Amazing pictures! also amazing is the ingenuity and skill of these volunteers.
Irene Steiner What a great project to restore or recreate these gardens.
Blantyre Project would love to see that happen. The owner of that plot of land is proving elusive.

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