Henry Bradley, Provision Store

It’s always interesting when a new picture crops up with a mystery attached. John Daly recently sent me this photo, which came via a lady in the USA who believed the shop to be near Rutherglen. Pictured is some sort of provisions store called “Bradleys”. A local forum suggested it may be Blantyre. So I decided to investigate.

I searched all the shops in Blantyre between 1895 and 1930 and the only Bradley who occupied one, was Daniel Bradley, a shoemaker who had a shop at 212 Glasgow Road (near Greenside Street) for several decades. This picture is clearly a provisions store, and does not look like anything to do with footwear, and being the only Bradley with a shop, I don’t think it’s Blantyre. I’m 95% sure it’s not.

However, to provide some help, there was a grocer named Henry Bradley who had a shop on Shettleston Road in Glasgow for a couple of decades at the start of 20th Century, and I believe that’s him pictured.

So not Blantyre, but a great photo and I hope this clarifies in case anybody is ever wondering.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Anne Mackie Great photograph love the window display.
Valerie Krawczyk Johnny & Cathy Bradley did a licensed grocers shop on Glasgow Road in the 1960s, next to Pate’s . Our number was 196 Glasgow Road. Don’t think that there is any connection to the photo.
Anne Mckillop There was a grocer’s shop on Glasgow Road in the1950-60’s that was Bradley’s after Napier had it

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