End of the Oval Pool

How iconic this photo is. From 2000, it’s the end of the blue Oval pool not far from the Station Road entrance to Stonefield Public Park. Some happy memories in warm summers playing in that water as a child. Now all gone.

What’s your memories of this pool and fountain? Photo: Veverka collection

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Andrew Anderson Great photo great memories
Louise Waugh I used to love going down the public park in the summer when the boating pond had the boats out and water in the oval ponds was fun to play in.
Gordon Mather Had good times in that park, we lived in Glasgow Road at the corner of Station Road, most of my childhood was spent there with many dips in that pool, surprised how we all survived it. 60s and 70s, those were the days!!
Alan Dorricott Had many a day playing in that wee pond. Great memories
Thomas Fallon Still remember it like yesterday, how we the people of Blantyre have let a feckin mornic local council ruin all the public parks in Blantyre then complain about the weans running daft
Stephen Allan I only remember the boat pond.
Sadie Dolan Great Memories of this pool and great summers the summer holdays were so hot🌞 for us pieces and jam and juice and away wee went till dinner time and the big pond with the boats and also the putting amazing memories wish i could turn bk time!!!
Maureen Mccallum Great memories of the park we were never out of it when school holidays started loved the boating pond too .It’s a shame children today can’t experience it
Robert McLeod-Wolohan again another place i went to with my kids, between that and the boating pond, we spent many a good day down the public park, sadly now its all gone, what a waste of a park, it also used to have a small putting green there as well if my memory serves me well.
Mary McGuigan Awww was great wee pool this summer holidays and great big shute next to it ent make em like that anymore x
Marié Rodwell I remember jumping from the top one . Landing on a broken bottle for it to nearly cut my big toe off .. a woman helped me up the road in park Lane for my dad to go nuts .. not coz my toe was hanging off but coz I was disturbing his sun bathing lol .. .. .. he eventually took me to hosp to get my toe stitched back on … to say the least that was the last time I went in there without shoes on … … such a shame our kids and grandkids can’t have the same fun we did
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I grew up in Priory Street so was always in the park. In the summer it was full with family picnics, kids in this pond. Folk on the paddle boats and playing on the putting green. They also had wee bumper cars at the paying hut for the green. Can’t remember if the putting was still in use then. Was such a beautiful park. No where now for families to spend the day and kids to have fun. What a waste of a beautiful park x
Jane Scobbie When I come home to visit and walk to where Stonefield park or as we called it, the Public Park, I am so sad to see how it is now. My memories of it are of I a beautiful well kept busy fun place to be. It had everything, the most beautiful colourful gardens. I played putting with my Granda, paddled in the pool, rowed in the little boats and swung high on the swings. Got dizzy on the roundabout and the big frying pan, got dizzy from the height of the slide. We had picnics, played hide and seek, summer fetes, band music, and the summer parade with all the boy brigade, cubs, scouts, brownies and guides. You could hear the laughter and sounds of the children from a good distance away. What an amazing busy, buzzing place to have on our doorstep. Now I look at how bare and it is shameful that the council allowed this to happen. I’m sure if they would’ve asked the people of Blantyre to help, then the Public Park could’ve been saved. Shame on them. They might as well build on the land now at least it would be put to a good use instead of being left to decay
Mary McGuigan Aye there was Robert McLeod-Wolohan was great park was always heaving in good weather ..was it not locked up at night remember big green gates x
Arlene McWilliam Green Two outstanding memories – 
One was cutting my foot on a piece of glass in it after my granny had told me I could go in the park but not to go into the pond 🤪.
The other was the travelling people who in the 70s who sent their children with bars of soap to get washed in it!
Bernadette Mcparland Many a great day we had there…it was a lovely pool in its day. The whole park was amazing…
Robert McLeod-Wolohan aye the green gates r still there on the station road entrance, and yes they used to b locked at night mary.
Maz Anne Awe good memories and bad landed in hospital after splitting both my feet open on broken glass geez the blood was everywhere I was only 8 lo.
Anne Irvine Aye. Many a sore feet in there with broken glass. Didn’t stop us paddling in it. Out of curiosity. Was it pumped in water or was it rain water???
Mark Grieve Lilian Grieve remember taking me to this ,,always remember the floor in the pool was ruff like artex
Linda Halpin Loved it great fun and was a treat splashing about x
Liz Boxall Park was amazing.. putting green boating pond paddling pool lots of swings etc and old mans hut 
Elaine Currie Used to walk round them , they seemed bigger back then
Leighann Scott Elaine Currie i agree they looked alot bigger as a child and same used to balance ourselves n see who could get around quicker with my wee sister xxx
Elizabeth Mclean Sad I remember you had a chose there were two swing parks in it at one point then the boat point was great to look at now all that land there should be more for children in stead of having to go to M & D just saying!!!!!!
Amanda Higgins Awww this just brought a smile to my face! I had totally forgotten about these
Elizabeth Mclean Sad I remember you had a chose there were two swing parks in it at one point then the boat point was great to look at now all that land there should be more for children in stead of having to go to M & D just saying!!!!!!
Mary Davies As children we loved this pool. splashing about in our swimming costumes. Great memories of days gone by.

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