1980 Eleanor Roxburgh’s Dancers

Blantyre’s talented dancers of 1980. This is Eleanor Roxburgh’s dance class at their annual show in EK’s Village Theatre. The young dancers entertained proud parents and grandparents in a packed venue, showing off a variety of dance styles.

This was the second year running the dancers held their show in that venue. I have a memory going to see my sister in this show and seeing various girls from school up on stage too.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Karen HarkinVal Houston recognise anyone?
Kirsty McDonald Kelly McDonald, Louise Mcdade, Karen Rousewe were the best dancers lol although not in this photo (86, 87,88 our year?) karen we need to get that photo of us with the strong man holding us after the parade to the Highland games at Wilkies farm xx my one and only claim to fame x
Kerry Tremble Kevan Loved the dancing shows at EK each year, great times when I was young.
Michelle Kyle I was at Eleanor dancing school at the age of 3 until I was 16 x
Nicola Jenny I went to Eleanor Roxburgh’s dancing, now my daughter goes
Blantyre Project Could be wrong but i think I see Sharon Hamilton, Diane Fulston and Gail Wishart (all maiden names) in this.
Caroline Cunningham-Hy Loved Eleanor’s dancing. Went from a baby 1984 ish up until i was 17. Great memories.
Avril Keenan I went at one point too…but I was too shy/nervous for shows & always quit classes before exams or shows… now I wish I could do exams in my kinda dance, Ballroom & Latin!
Diane Buchanan Liz Keenan McDougall omg blast from the past … Lindsay is next to me then my sister Debbie Purselol
Debbie Purse Lynn MasonLindsay AndersonKerrGlen JulieAllyson Dunn Fun times ladies
Ann Higgins Crossar Think you’ve mistagged the photo Paul – the girl tagged as Sharon Kyle is me! I think Sharon is 2nd row and 2nd in from right. I can see Clare and Debbie Logan, Myra Dolan, Debbie Fulston, Gail Russell, Karen Leggate.
Sharon Kyle Lynn Mason OMG we knew each other then!!

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  1. I’m in this picture! Last person standing on left. Elaine Tadhunter. Went to school with Karen Leggate, Gail Russell and Debbie Fulston. Left at 14 as my family moved to Aberdeen. Very happy memories of Eleanor Roxburgh dance school.

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