Blantyre Vics 1982

What a homecoming Blantyre Vics got in 1982 bringing the cup back home to Blantyre!

Pictured here from Marion Brownlee via Alex Rochead, these great photos show the photo opportunity at Castle Park, looking over towards the back of the houses at John Street and what was then, the brand new Sports Centre.

At Ibrox Stadium in season 1981 – 1982, Vics won the Scottish Junior Cup for a third time, under manager John Young, when they defeated Baillieston 1-0.

The team that day was: Burns, Davenport, McGlinchey, Muldoon, McVie, Grant, McQuade, McGurk, Kennedy, Coggill and Mitchell. Substitutes were Ward and Hamilton. McGurk scored the winning goal. At a pinnacle of success, Mr. Duncan resigned from management of Vics in 1982. In 1981/1982 Robert Burns was the youngest keeper to play in a Scottish Cup Final at 19 years old.

Do you remember this?

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Liz Boxall Great pictures .. and Marion Brownlie ‘s nephew is John Gibson the current Vics manager.
Kenny Beecroft Liz Boxall , me , your Dan , Wullie McInulty , Alex and Billy McConnell and a few others were all at Ibrox for that . What a day that was
Liz Boxall Kenny !!! Yip !! And probably at my house for a wee drink beforehand 🍺😂😂. Happy Days
Kenny Beecroft Liz Boxall , too right they were my auld pal . I hope you and the family are well xx
Liz Boxall Yip all doing well .. hope you and yours are too X
John Dunsmore I was at the. Final, and at the club that night x had a swally out the cup brilliant night
Ann Millar My brother supported Blantyre Vics all his life & hardly missed a game, true supporter.!
Lesley Hartley I’ve got a crackin picture of me an my wee brother holdin that cup in ma nana and Di’s living room.
Ian Dobson Carole Dobson is this your uncle Ian? X
Greg McCutcheon Chris G Muir vewy pwoud of the wich hewitage of this town
Kaye Cunningham Pauline Feelie is this the cup u were brushing ur teeth out of in the front garden. X
Pauline Feelie Kaye Cunningham it sure was and the cup you sat in lol x
Sheena King My Uncle, Gordon Fleming played for Blantyre Vic’s. We lived at 7 John Street! Happy memories! 
William Mcinulty Had it in the house for a week.

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