McGarry’s of Caldervale

Monica Jean Chizmadia, who lives abroad messaged me recently with some photos of her great grandparents, whose roots lay within Blantyre.

She told me, “These two pictures are of my great grandmother (Jane Mc Garry) when she was young. And the other is both my great grandparents as they got older. They lived with the rest of their 13 children in ‘Fin Me Oot.’ My father was raised by them. My grandmother Elizabeth Mc Garry lived along side them, but didn’t raise my father. He never knew his father, it has always been a mystery.”

Did YOU know the McGarry family or able to tell me more?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Walter McGarry My name is Walter Mcgarry from Blantyre. My dad is also Walter Mcgarry . His parents are Robert Mcgarry and Margaret Mcgarry Blantyre.
Matilda Fulston I went through Calder Street school with Walter Mc Garry
Liz Boxall I remember a Girl from school called Pearl McGarry … she will be in her 60’s now
Walter McGarry Liz Boxall yes that is my auntie
Isabella Gallagher Tabor My grandfather was Frank Reynolds and he was Jane Mc Garry’s brother . My mum is not on Facebook however my aunt is Jane Reynolds.
Maureen O’Connell I am pretty sure that is Aunt Jeannie she moved to Garfield NJ 
I met her when I was young. My mom Jane Reynolds would be best to reply
Marian Maguire My dads cousin Rose Gallagher from Fernslea Ave, Married Willie McGarry from Fin Me Oot. Willie was from a family of 12/13. Rose and Willie are not both deceased this last few years, they came back to live in Hamilton from Garfield , New Jersey where Willie had quite a lot of family. I remember visiting them in 32 William Street, Garfield. New Jersey.

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