2000 Community Centre

Taken just after the Millennium, this is a photo is of the former Blantyre Community Centre. Fondly missed by many people, this was into the final years of this building.

What’s your memories of the community centre on Glasgow Road?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Daly I was a Page Boy at my mother’s cousin’s wedding. She was married in St Joseph’s so we all just trekked across the road for the reception. I got a gift of a lace football. And I vividly recall how slippery the dance floor was. It had been treated with French Chalk for the dancers. Would have been about 1960/61. Was it previously known as the Toc-H?
Gary Scott Went to playgroup there in the 80s
John Cornfield The youth club and the dances with blue moon disco
When I was a boy we had a youth club here and also 1 in St Joseph’s primary school and discos in the community centre and chapel hall great memories of fantastic early teenage years how our kids have missed out ! And from 11 to about 13 we also had the Roxy in the YMCA hall great times.
Andrea White Community discos every weekend they were the days happy memories ladies
Mary-Jane Greenhorn Youth club approx 30 years ago.
Jim Gilmore Went to school dinners there 1948 round about then
May Anderson My kids went to playgroup and I done playleader for a wee while xx
Karen Paterson under 18’s disco.
Moyra Lindsay Maisie Whittakers wedding, another wedding I was bridesmaid at, countless dances, keep fit, craft, and flower arranging classes.
Andy Callaghan Moyra Lindsay and i bet there was steak pie at them all.
Moyra Lindsay Andy Callaghan even better my mum worked as a waitress at Co Purveys and occasionally got left over trifle! The steak pie scraps went to Rover the dug! She got 7/6 and sometimes a tip. She could be away all day. That was the good old days!
Susan Brownlie I used to go to keep fit classes there (early 70s). This was also the place where I first saw Billy Connolly!
Betty Davies My child going to playgroup
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I went to dance classes there when I was wee, wasn’t for me though lol x
Margaret Mary Kerr Youth club and under 18’s discos. Good times x
Sharyn Sn latch key club in the 80s coz my mum was working-as the latch key worker!!
Kerry Tremble Kevan Went to the youth club in there in the 80’s as a teen – best times ever with mates. Had the discos every week, trips away. Then in the summer holidays it was the play scheme with days away.
Joseph Allan Youth club days out loved sitting in the wee cafe good days
Anne Gilmour Callaghan dancing without booze
Robert Stewart Lived next door to it for 29 years, it was never ever referred to as the Community Centre, but the Toc H.
Davy Forrest Youth club days and Billy Connolly gig
Monica Lennon Dance classes in the 80s
Jane McKendrick Leeanne Pritchard John Pritchard our youth club days lol
Kenny Richardson Playing football out the back on a Sunday when at my grans who stayed next door after Sunday school
Marion Chatham Both my son’s going to the playgroup
Emma Reilly Went to Playgroup here in the mid 80’s
Catherine Whitefield Was our youth club in the sixties . Terminal one doing now what this centre done then
Kenny Davies Youth club during the summer hols
Cathy Keegan Mary Kane – your wedding in the early 70s I think.
Dee Mcewan I used to go to youth club here feels like a lifetime ago x
Christine Crawford Spent summer holidays running around trying out all the different activities loved it
Billy Steven Is that opposite the David Livingston Church
Janette Mackenzie Yes my wedding reception was held there on 25th September 1965 x
Fiona Mitchell Gebbie Christmas Fayre and went to Scottish dancing thereX
John Devine Mind when this is where the school dinners were served up,mainly for st Joseph’s school,John devine
Margaret Mary OSullivan During the week , many of the people who attended 10 o’clock mass in St Joseph’s, used to nip over to the Centre afterwards for tea or coffee. It really helped to build up a sense of community.

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