Carrigans, around 2000

This is of course High Blantyre, pictured around 2000. At the corner of Hunthill Road and Main Street at the High Blantyre cross is Carrigans.

I have to admit loving this pub in the preceding decade. It was always super busy and I was forever in great, fun company (and near to getting home!)

What’s your memories of Carrigans in the late 80s and 90s?

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Bill Graham Used to go there when it was Val’s, great people and pool table.
Lynn Delaney Also knew it as Val’s, I used to go in the early 80’s, it was a great pub.
Stephen Allan Was it cartigans back in the 70s as well or was that before it became Carrigans.
Karen Paterson used to spend 5/6 nights a week in this pub, great memories (those that i can remember)
Kenny O’Donnell One barman looked like Santa and another like Eddie Large. Quiz night was run by three of my former PE teachers, very strange to see them as people
William Dickson born and brought up 100 yards from it vals is the name we still give it father and whole family drank there all our life but not the same as the 50s60s many a good nite spent there intil john carrigan sold it great days
Andy Callaghan Great wee pub.
Alan Baird i used to frequent the pub in my younger days even before the new lounge was built on at the side , there was a pool table in a wee back room of the bar in those days too , i was in the night the carrigan family opened up the totally revamped and renovated pub , what a difference it was night and day , i was a firm regular from then on , they done the best pint of maclays 60 shilling ale i had ever tasted and there was bar meals too , this must have been around 1983-4
Elizabeth Grieve My former step aunt used to live in the flat above
Andy Hilston Great pub and people… loved it esp in the 80s and 90s
Patty Smith I am so jealous of everyone here growing up in this great area, it looks so beautiful, peaceful and I surely hope to see it someday. Ancestors are from that area. Love these pictures and conversations, thanks
Stephen Mccall Remember waiting outside at 5 o’clock to be first in to get a game of pool. Then came all day opening an it was always busy. Can’t remember if their was live entertainment when John had it or if it started after David Reilly( owner of the Sun Inn) bought it. Many a great Tuesday night at the Andy Dewer singsong couldn’t sing a note myself but loved listening to the talents of singers from Blantyre and surrounding area. Many of the singers used to frequent Hastie’s Farm when it was the hot spot of Blantyre.
Paul would be interesting to see who remembers the great singers of Blantyre.

Keith Mccormack Met my future wife Kate in there great pub back in the day
Anton De Grandier Great pub and served a fine pint of Beamish Stout.

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