The Calder, 1890’s

This next painting is by Robert Lille (1867 -1949) and is displayed at the Lillie Art Gallery.

It shows a scene in the Calder, Blantyre, which I believe to be Milheugh Falls. I find it difficult to fit the topography and bend in the river into any other area of the calder. The picture is actually called “Calder Glen, Blantyre” but is not Calderglen near Priory Bridge and I don’t believe it is Calderwood.

The picture is courtesy of East Dunbartonshire Council.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Joseph Allan Could be down the falls up the calder.
Chris Ladds This looks like the original scene looking upstream at the the edge of Milheugh towards Greenhall with the steep rise to left and bend to right. Aside from that it is identical to the river bend on the Dee of Calder next to the Calderwood Castle site – but there was a bridge there at that time which is not visible.
Blantyre Project
 The flat stones depicted also suggest its the milheugh falls, as does the embankments. Finally, the large tree on the right with 90 degree bends in the branches, still there in the 1950s. Long gone now.
Blantyre Project its a lovely painting, i should add!
Jessie Caldow Beautiful painting, …love the details and colors!
Chris Ladds I just see a long embankment bordering a meander to its left upriver, and with some slight turbulence in the water downstream rather than any falls. I can’t see any distinct drops or stratification aside from a very small ledge nearer the foreground in the river bed. Also what is the confirmation the view is 1890, as my previous enquiry for this work was responded to with an answer it was undated? The artist was active in the same style into his later years. If it is called Calder Glen, Blantyre then it does indeed suggest a view nearer Calderglen or a view from the 1930-40s much further upriver which was also confused with Blantyre prior to the development of an new town. The abundance of records do not refer to the area around Milheugh or Greenhall as Calderglen with the only exception being as a geological identifier c. 1940s. The public did not call it that though.

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