1980 Majorettes

These Blantyre marching girls were out in force in June 1980 for the Summer Gala.

These are the youngster of Mrs King’s High Blantyre Majorettes, the team being one of the highlights of the gala giving a brilliant display.

Lots of Blantyre faces in there! Can you name anybody? Perhaps you remember this? Can you tell me anything about Mrs King?

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Arlene CampbellDawn McCallum
Sharon Kerrigan Is Mrs King, Eleanor Roxburgh after she got married? I went to Eleanor’s dance and majorette classes (I’m not in this pic, I think
Joan McLaughlin Sharon Kerrigan yes it’s Eleanor. She still has classes in Blantyre and dance school still goes by her maiden name
Dawn McCallum Think I see Julie KerrGlen
Kerry Tremble Kevan Think that’s me bottom 2nd from left 🙈😂 oh my word long time ago!
David Tremble My wee sis Kerry Tremble Kevan front row 2nd from the left. Julie Kerr back row 1st from the left and Lena Blair 3rd from left.
David Tremble and Liz Collins
Kerry Tremble Kevan Nicola & Gillian this looks like both of you either side of me bottom row x
June Moore Oor Lena xx
Melanie McGown Am in the front row as well Meanie Newberry back then xx
Nicola Jenny I’m not suite it’s me. I’ve just checked with my mum x
Val Houston Julie Kerr is in there Jennifer beckest and Anne Carney too.
Val Houston Liz Collins. Lynn Goodfellow. Margaret Craig and Dawn Mitchell too.
Myra Dolan Mrs King aka Eleanor Roxburgh from sidebrae she taught majorettes, tap and modern dancing the best teacher around danced with Eleanor since a young age till I was about 18!! We had annual dance shows in the village theatre some wonderful and happy memories
Clare Welsh Laura Tasker I’m not sure if we are in this 
Hard to make out. I think we were too young.
Clare Welsh Same picture but from a different angle ? And with Eleanor in the picture. I’m sitting front, 4th from left with long red hair eh Laura Tasker ? X 

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