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1980s The guys at Red Lion Pub

Saturday 28th June, 1980 was a day to remember in Blantyre. All day drinking in pubs had arrived!

The public had only weeks earlier voted for afternoon drinking and Hamilton’s District Licensing Board gave the “all day” go-ahead to two of Blantyre’s pubs and one hotel.

Mr Francis Doonin was amongst the first given permission to open his Livingstone Hotel during afternoons, seven days a week to cater for functions, including weddings, meetings and social functions.

Two pubs were equally pleased. The Parkville at 296 Glasgow Road could now open on Saturdays between 2.30pm and 5pm for refreshments with meals and snacks for the travelling public.

Mrs Lily Ann Hutchison, publican of the Village Bar was successful to open her pub in the afternoon between Mondays and Saturdays. An application for the Doon Inn however for similar hours was withdrawn.

The Board made these decisions following a poll by Blantyre Community Council after asking questions on folks viewpoints on all day drinking. The result was close but favoured all day drinking. However Board chairman, Mr Thomas Murphy made it clear this was all ‘experimental’ and if it caused trouble, then they would change their attitude.

Further licensing decisions were made at the end of June 1980. Margaret Rossi was given permission to build a hotel directly across from the Livingstone Centre. The hotelier convinced the Board it would be good for the area and cater for the passing trade the Memorial attracted. The short lived Stanley Hotel would open its doors couple of years later. Licensing approved commenting on the lack of hotels in Blantyre.

Another successful applicant was Mrs Marion Clark to extend the hours at Blakelys Pub, at 1 Broompark Road. ASDA, which was still being built at Glasgow Road, was also granted a license to sell alcohol.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

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Steven Robertson Remember that day well. Dad left the house at 11 am with the promise of a fish supper for dinner .still waiting on him coming home
Catherine Morrison A few well remembered faces X
Matthew McGuigan Henry Kelly (back row right) and Eddy Craw (front row right). Happy days.
Steven Slevin Brian Slevin is that our dad front and centre
Brian Slevin Steven Slevin I think it might well be
Steven Slevin Championing all day drinking. Must be
Jim Donnelly Tommy McGuire(Twiggy) Centre
Catherine Whitefield Noticed his eyebrows right away Jim x
Kate Mcinulty Brilliant photo. I know a few faces in it.
Catherine Devlin Was going to say typical of the 80s not a woman in sight here, but with one or two of them hairdo’s im not quite sure haha
Kelly Maguire Amanda Maguire uncle Tommy in the picture 
Linda Marshall James Aitken is this ur dad? 3rd on left hand side. ❤️ x
Linda Marshall Andy ur dad 4th on left 
Joseph Kane Big harry smith god bless them all
Karen Hutcheson Wylie Know a few faces my uncle Tommy 8th from left Patricia Hutcheson Docherty xx
Wilma Hayburn McNulty It’s Johnny maguire don’t think tommy there xx
Amanda Maguire Wilma it is Tommy Xx
Sharon Morrison Doonin Mhairi McGaulley is that your dad?
Mhairi McGaulley Sharon Morrison Doonin Yes Sharon it is. He’s standing next to James Allen. X
Mary Gray A few familiar faces there great picture 
Margaret Smith Tyers My dad ,Harry Smith 😘very end left hand side , love and miss him everyday
Jacqueline Flynn Christine Maguire there is mention of Tommy maguire. Is that james’ brother?
Frances Maguire Jacqueline Flynn yes it is
Margaret McLaughlin Russell John law Harry Smith

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