Lynch Family- 1953

Andy Lynch shared this charming photo adding, “This is my Mum and Dad Willie and Ella Lynch. This was taken around 1953 before they were married. It was taken in my Gran (Agnes)and Grandads (Sanny) Frews front garden at 68 Auchenraith Road. “

Sanny Frew was well known he had one leg and often sat on the dyke outside the house. This was on the corner of Auchinraith Road at Beech place. In the background you can see the Buggy Buildings.

Did YOU know the Lynch family? Thanks to Andy for sharing.

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Mary Frew Yes frewsies auntie ella and uncle willie
Mary Kane Just love this photo. My mum’s family (McCabe) lived at 53 Auchinraith Road next to the Buggy Building. Nice to know it was still there in 1953. I’m sure my mum would have taken me there. I was born in 1950 but we lived in Glasgow at the time. Thanks for posting.
John Mcgaulley stayed Hillview drive
Sadie Dolan Knew sanny well use to go to shop for him when i was a wee lass i stayed in beech place and also played with his grandchildren x
Marion Chatham I was born above Mr and Mrs Frew. My Grandparents were James and Sarah Sneddon.
Aileen Hastie Mr Lynch was one of my best friends when I was growing up! Marianne
Angie Wilson Freida Lynch are these relations of yours xx
Bernadette Mcparland Remember Sanny..
Linda Gourlay I remember him well, although white haired by the time I was going to my grannies in Elm St (Nettie Broon)from Auchinraith primary
Betty Mckendrick They were our neighbours in morven ave they were lovely family
Patricia Bell They live next door to me for years
Jim Donnelly Any relation to Andy that stayed in Morven Ave..!! When we were all growing up in Millands Ave.
Andy Lynch Jim Donnelly that’s my mum and dad yes we stayed in morven Ave only for 20 years
Jim Donnelly Andy Lynch Cheers Andy,Thought the name was familiar.
Eleanor Wemyss Remember Sanny sitting on the dyke outside the Close he shared with my Gran,Mary Rodgers, he was always cheery.
Margaret Liddle I’ve heard my sister talking about the Buggy building I was only one year old in 1953
Lynne McFadyen Loved going into Mr and Mrs Lynch’s garden during the summer and picking strawberries, Mr lynch would always show us a trick which consisted of his thumb detatching and reatatching! I also remember Glen, there dog. Lived two doors down from them my whole life.  AileenMarianne x
Norma Frew Maxwell Just how I remember them
Betty McLean I remember the nice smile Sanny Frew had as he sat on the wall along with his friend Alex Graham who unable to sit stood beside him. They made sure the children from Beech Place didnt didn’t go out on the road. Cant remember the couple.
Caroline Baird my great gran was Willie lynch,s sister Alice who my mother is named after Alice lynch baird great picture lovely memories!
Nancy McFadden Caroline Baird i remember Alice well we always called her my maw
Kate Coulter I remember sunny sitting on the wall.
Catherine Dawes Yes I remember Mr & Mrs Lynch also Andy…Nancy… and Margaret
Joyce Frew Marasco Loved reading the comments
I was aunty Ella and uncle wullie’s flower girl at their weddin
I think everybody knew my granda Frew
Yes he always had a big smile and a twinkle in his eye
Helen Gibson he was my Granpa Brother Granpa name was Rab frew granny name was ella
Sharon Gibson Thomson Yes he was my Granpa brother 
Sharon Gibson Thomson I think my granny frew took me to see him I remember him sitting on a wall with one leg
Andy Callaghan Oh God. A blast from the past right enough. I remember Sany, though I didn’t know his name. I would pass up and down Auchinraith Rd going with my Mum from Rosendale to my Gran’s in Hardie St. I’d be 5 or 6. He always had a cheery word when you passed. I had forgotten all about him but I can see him sitting on that wall clearly in my head now for the first time in God knows how many years. Thanks for this.
Helen Gibson he came to corby years ago sharon Gibson Thomson x
Sharon Gibson Thomson He still has a lot of family in corby nieces nephews cousins.xx
Isabel McGranaghan She was a friend of mine x
Wendy Frew I Loved Alex’s Auntie Ella and heard lots about Uncle Willy…Did he ever catch any pirates or monkeys down in the Dandy..xxxx
Linda O’Donnell aww wee Ella

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  1. Remember you well andy.we lived at 82 morven ave from 61 to 69.remember jim donnelly as he stayed across the road from my pal tam beggs.

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